nmap -sn 192.178.1.*
tcp syn 1-1000 port number
tcp syn, protocol number, operation version, operation system
nmap -sS -p0 -sV -o
quick scanning
nmap -T5
tcp connect scan for only port 80
nmap -sT -p80
to use faked source ip address and reall src ip together
nmap -sS -D (faked src add)
scan only the first 100 ports instead of 1000 ports
nmap -F -exclude
do ping first, if get response, then go to scap 1000 port
nmap -Pn
scap ipv6 address
nmap -6 ipv6 address
nmap -iflist
to scan the 20 most popular ports
nmap –top-ports 20
run nmap with script
nmap –script=default
nmap -script -help to find all script that can be used
enable all advanced/aggressive scan
nmap -A -T5


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